If you’re in and around the Michigan area, and you’re looking for a Marketing company, there are a few that you can take a look at.  I haven’t tried any of these since I’m not in the Michigan area, but these are all sites I’ve heard good things about from reviews.  If you have a terrific site and you don’t bother to market it because you don’t know how to or you just don’t have the time, then its a good idea to get someone else either an individual or a company to do it for you.  It’s really quite simple and usually pretty inexpensive, for the amount of traffic and sales it could bring you. Here are a few ways you can market yourself on the Internet, all these ideas are completely FREE and easy to do.  You need to take the first step if you expect to get anywhere with your business.  So here are your first steps that you SHOULD be making when trying to market your site and best of all these are FREE steps (if you do them yourself):

Have a signature link either in your emails or forums
Make your navigation bar not only people friendly but Search Engine friendly
Submit Your Web page URL to Search Engines
Backlinks & Directories
Search Engine Optimization
Write articles
Begin a blog
Start a newsletter

Here are some Michigan SEO Company’s located in the Michigan area, these are either marketing firms, agencies, or individuals wanting to help people like you out, to market your site.


NazCreative – This is one of the few sites that actually offers on-site articles for you to read, the materials are on things like “Strategies for Successfully Michigan SEO Company”, “Pay Per Click Strategies for your website”, “Per Click Strategies for your website” and “How to create a successful newsletter.”  They also have an ample amount of information on the individual services they provide, so be sure to take a look at it.

InterChanges – This site is ultimately known for their services in the search engine marketing and search engine optimization world.  They offer a lot of different options for you and your website such as PPC management, organic search engine optimization, website review, keyword identification, analysis, page optimization, building incoming links, and a whole lot more.  Make sure you check this one out!

WebManna – I’ve heard from many different people that this site offers fair prices for what they can give you, so if you’re looking for something with a budget to fit yours, try these guys out first and foremost.  Some of the stuff they offer is pay per click, conversion analytics, direct mail campaigns, and print advertising, among other things unrelated to search engine marketing and search engine optimization such as website and logo design.

Michigan SEO Company – Who wouldn’t love the name of this site?!?  With this site, you can expect big things such as local and general search engine optimization, pay per click, web marketing, ranking reports and lots more.

The least you can do with this place or any other site is either get a quote by filling out the quote form (if they have one) or call them and see what prices they offer.  Some of these sites even offer to send out a brochure to your home address.  So if they offer something like that go for it.  At least you can see what they are all about and get a real feel for them.  Good luck finding the site you want.  I wish you success