Did you know that Search engine users are up to 6 times more likely to click on the first few results than they are to click on any of the paid results? The fact is – People searching online trust search results more than they do advertisements. In fact, studies have found that 66% of customers distrust paid ads!

Did you know that web searching (on engines like Google & Yahoo) is the second most popular online activity (with the first being e-mailing)? Did you know that over 75% of all web searchers never look further than the first page of results on Search Engines?

We all know that the internet is here to stay; search engines play a key role in the daily lives of normal consumers and businesses. For instance, did you know that over HALF of ALL Adults in the United States research product prices online to find the best price, before making a purchase?

Even with the high number of users taking advantage of search engines, websites receiving this traffic are receiving QUALITY visitors. These are qualified, targeting people who found your website by searching for your product/service based on keywords. These people hunted to find your website. Furthermore, one study even found that users that click on search results stay on a website over 200% longer than users who click on Paid Advertisements to get to a website – Pretty Shocking!