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A dynamic, full-service marketing, communications, public relations, promotions and special events company. Search Engine Marketing PRO can help you to grow your business by creating and implementing customized, innovative marketing strategies that are cost-efficient and practical, but most importantly, effective!

Let Search Engine Marketing PRO take the guesswork out of marketing by showing you how our customized marketing strategies can help grow your business! Whether you are starting a new business, or are already established, our marketing experts will work with you to identify your ideal clients and determine how best to reach them and keep them.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing a business requires more than just opening your doors and hoping that clients will want to purchase what you’re offering. Successful Marketing requires a strategy that will identify, target and attract your ‘ideal’ clientele. The result is one that does not waste time and money but sends a clear and concise message. At Search Engine Marketing PRO we believe it isn’t always necessary to spend more to get results, it’s about making smarter decisions with your marketing dollars!

Let Search Engine Marketing PRO take the guesswork out of marketing by providing you with the know-how to grow your business. Our marketing consultants will show you how to attract more business by creating a customized, business marketing plan featuring brand marketing and target marketing strategies that let you stand out from the competition.

We’ll help you to evaluate your current marketing activities – what’s working, what isn’t. Then we’ll put together a detailed report outlining a series of practically implementable and cost-effective marketing strategies tailored to suit your business needs. (Examples of video promotion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1as1GEsmtM ). We have custom made software created by pc Tattletale to ensure an effective marketing strategy.

Whether you are just starting out in business, or you are already established, the marketing experts at Search Engine Marketing PRO have the know-how to get your company adequately positioned to attract more.


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Social Media

Is your business taking advantage of the marketing potential of Facebook and other social media websites and tools? Social media isn’t just a fad, it’s here to stay and in order to instantly reach your targeted clientele and their ‘friends’, you can’t afford to participate! Like any communications strategy for your site, Facebook, Linked in and Twitter, even e-mail blasting, requires a plan with thoughtful and carefully crafted messages and postings. Search Engine Marketing PRO will ensure your business makes the most of this instant advertising vehicle – properly!

Video Production

Photographs and text can help you with your marketing messages. But video (done properly) can take your business marketing and ultimately, your sales, to the next level! The Michigan SEO team works with the client to design and produce short video creations that will make your message sing, dance and bring the audience to its feet!

Creative Writing Services

When you need to say just the right thing but aren’t sure how to get your ideas and thoughts from your head onto the page, Search Engine Marketing PRO, in partnership has the expertise to help you clearly and concisely get your message across to your clients. Whether it’s writing a media release, content for your website, advertising or marketing materials, social media postings or other communications, we’re here to help you say the ‘right’ thing to impress and attract clients.

Content Writing